Wednesday, December 3, 2008

REVIEW: Universal Mind Control - Common

Common's new album called Universal Mind Control is a playful rompe through Common's fantasies, which are mostly sexual.  The album is not the most thought provoking product that Common has put out, but it is still very good.  Many critics have been labeling it Electric Circus 2, but it has a different feel.  Electric Circus was quite, but Universal Mind Control is filled with club bangers.  Common's been in the game for almost two decades so if he wants to make a album that fits under the genre 'pop rap' then he should be able to.  Even though most of the tracks are bangers they are still lyrical.  Not everyone likes it, but it's a nice album like it or not.  Any album with most of the tracks produced by The Neptunes and a legendary rapper on each of them is obviously good.

BEST SONG: Sex 4 Suga - It's a very sexy song with a sexy beat and it's ear candy.  An album with most of the songs produced by The Neptunes will have good beats as i said.
BEST SONG 2: Gladiator - Gladiator has a bumpin' beat and good lyrics.

LYRICS: 7/10 BEATS: 7/10 OVERALL: 7/10

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